Sonkar Products

Open Central System, Cold Air Warehouses, Cold Storage Depots, Cold Storage – IceBox Doors, Ciller and Water Coolers, Industrial Chiller Units, Monoblock Chillers, Water Cooled Chiller Units.


Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers by using natural resources to ensure the highest quality of life without consuming the future of our children.


There are many parameters that affect our production process: R & D, design, marketing, on the other hand, country of production, city etc. taking into account factors, we realize our designs.

Sonkar Global

Sonkar Cooling in the World: In which countries has our products served up to now and in which countries do we want to see our products and services after today? Be informed about the companies that have preferred us so far.

As Sonkar Heating and Cooling Systems Limited Company;

We have a strong presence in the Heating and Cooling sector, we have successful sales network, we have been providing uninterrupted service for years with our extensive knowledge. passing many investments through the period from its establishment to the present day without sacrificing quality, we are making every effort to produce environmentally, friendly, low energy consumption products.