Mold Geometry: 32 mm x 28 mm

Our products are designed to achieve high efficiency for use in Freon gas commercial and industrial cold rooms. 1/2 ″ – 5/8 ″ copper pipes – aluminum fins are used in our production. Lamella spacing can vary between 4 mm -12 mm. In our standard evaporators, sheet metal cabinets are electrostatic powder painted. Cabins can be made of stainless steel upon request.

TEB Series

Evaporators TE-TF-TD-TS-TG Series
• Nominal capacities are based on Eurovent (EN 328) standards.
Calculated for R404A gas under the conditions of SC1-SC2-SC3-SC4,
• Cooling capacities of the products, room temperature Tr and evaporation
It changes depending on the difference of Te of its temperature (ΔT = Tr – Te).
• Copper pipes are Ø3 / 8 ”(0,35 mm), Ø1 / 2” (0,35 mm) and Ø5 / 8 ”(0,40 mm).
Fin material is aluminum, its thickness is 0.20 – 0.25 mm.
• Between the lamellae is 4-6-7-8-10 mm,
• Input – output collector material is copper,
• Maximum permissible working pressure Ps = 22 Bar.
With refrigerants R404A, R507, R134A, R407C, R407, R22, R407A
suitable for work.
• Cassette is painted RAL 9016 on galvanized steel.