Mold Geometry: 32 mm x 28 mm

These are air-cooled condensers that offer professional solutions for industrial cold room and air conditioning applications, and are designed with efficiency and aesthetics at the forefront. Capacity range from 17 to 1290 kW.

Battery Features

In the condenser coils manufactured by Thermo Cool Tech, copper pipes in diameters suitable for different usage conditions are used. The products are manufactured with 2,1 or 2,5 mm lamella spacing options. Maximum working pressure is 28 barg.


TUB type refers to horizontal design, TUD type refers to vertical (table type) design. Orders are taken with these references and the product is manufactured in a construction suitable for vertical or horizontal working style. Cabinet sheets are Ral 9016 electrostatic powder painted.

Absorbent type Ø500, Ø630, Ø800 and Ø910 mm fan alternatives are available. We also have single-phase, three-phase, AC, EC fan options, as well as a catalog of capacities to be supplied in star and delta connection. Protection class is IP54. Fans are ERP 2015 compliant.
Options *

The products are offered with the following options according to the special requests of our customers.
Gold Epoxy Foil
Hydrophilic Foil
EC Fan
* For option requests, approval is required from Thermo Cool Tech.

Capacity Range