Innovation in Industrial Cooling

What are the latest technological innovations initiated by Sonkar Cooling in industrial refrigeration?

Since we started to provide services in this sector (exactly 20 years ago), it has been our main target to bring the innovations implemented in the world to our country and to research new technologies. Our company has always been a pioneer in new applications and researches.

Our Open Central Cooling Systems are an example. SNKMASH, SNKMA and SNKMK (Sonkar Open and Closed Central Refrigeration System) models, which have been produced for more than 15 years, include BRG air-blower coolers with a series of units with independent circuits or with gravity in the closed circuit without evaporation.

We have put this equipment into use before 2005, when we thought of using it for optimal cooling combined with low energy consumption. Another example of innovation and research is the use of alternative ecological gas that has been used in the European and global legislation since the mid-2000s with the return of the production and sale of such gas-using equipment. We believed in this from the beginning, and that meant that we could stay one step

ahead of the market, so when we got this gas mandatory, our chiller units were already used for years. By many users, Sonkar Refrigeration products were pre-tested and quality certified in test real ”storage environment

This type of experience has helped us develop many machine series with numerous applications. However, with the consistency that is always designed with a certain technical precision, we ask ourselves, sonkar cooling What will be the qualified heat / temperature control?

Not by chance, since the early 2000s, we have been producing temperature control devices for operating temperatures up to -40 ° C and for special purposes! We are one of the very few companies in our country with the necessary know-how and perhaps more importantly, almost zero maintenance to achieve perfect results.

In fact, water temperature controllers can be more sensitive and require more maintenance over time, as opposed to alternatives that use liquid as a control fluid. Our ongoing R & D efforts have helped us virtually reset the maintenance needs. For this reason, we can proudly say that we are a reliable company that produces a truly qualified technology product.

The presence of Sonkar Refrigeration is spreading beyond the refrigeration equipment for the food and liquid food industry to other sectors that are a source of great satisfaction for us and increase the company’s growth and presence in the market. Sonkar Refrigeration has reached very serious margins in the foreign market. For Sonkar, which has more than 15 export distributors, the result is an extraordinary development and promotion of our brand; today, we are universally recognized and our market presence is not limited to advertising, but that is still not enough for us today…