We use High-tech machines in all production phases and our priority is the satisfaction of our customers.
-Central cooling systems (multi-compressive packages)
-condensation device (independent refrigeration systems)
– Central ventilation equipment
– Unit coolers for cold rooms
– Modular cold rooms and doors
– Evaporators
– Cold rooms (complete cooling package support)
– display cabins

Chiller Groups, Cold Storage Rooms, Pre-Cooling Rooms, Shock and Cooling Tunnels, Meat Integrated Facilities, Poultry Plants, Fruits and Vegetables Cold Storage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry, Milk and Milk Products facilities, such as a wide range of Sonkar Cooling with its specialized team, it provides a complete solution to your corporate cooling needs. In addition to these, we provide storage and cooling tanks production, project and consultancy services, assembly, disassembly, activation and operation of the system and after-sales technical support.