Environmentally Friendly Cooling – Is It Possible?

It was a difficult process, we worked hard, and we finally succeeded. Our Sonkar Cooling chillers use direct evaporation of water in a vacuum-sealed closed-circuit system that is hydraulically separated from the coolant and cooling point by plate heat exchangers.

Smart Process

* Water Sonkar Cooling Chiller enters the evaporator. There, approximately 1% of the water evaporates in a vacuum atmosphere, which cools about 6K of residual water.

* The following water vapor is compressed by turbochargers up to 90,000 rpm, at most one-third of the original volume, resulting in an increase in pressure and temperature.

* In the condenser, the heated water vapor condenses directly to the circulating cooling water stream, which heats up to about 6K. The cycle is closed by a self-regulating expansion device.